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Guitar Musical Knowledge by Online Musicals Store™.Guitar Musical Knowledge. Leo Fender started making guitars in 1946, from only a small warehouse that had a radio repair shop at one remote corner of California, until now a giant conglomerate of world-class producer of high quality guitar with the name "Fender Musical Instruments Corporation" or FMIC. Fender has become a "brand" famous as a producer of electric instruments, like guitar, bass guitar and amplifiers.

If we are speaking of the guitar, then we usually talk about the brand. One guitar is very well known brand around the world is "Fender". The name is taken from the name of the maker Fender, Clarence Leonidas Fender, a Greek American who lived between the years 1909 to 1991. Clarence Leonidas Fender, usually known as Leo Fender, was born on August 10, 1909, and left this mortal world on March 21, 1991. He died, after a long suffering complications from "Parkinson's Disease".

Fender became famous, after successfully designing a guitar that's easy to handle, easy on the "tune" the most important and also good plays. Excellence is parallel with the ability to make the sound of the guitar sound that can neutralize the "feed back" the resulting string guitar through an amplifier is also designed specifically.

Leo Fender, first appeared on the market with Fender tele or "telecaster" which launched in 1949, is a product of the Fender factory in Fullerton, California.

After gaining a lot of input, the form of suggestions and criticism from many players this tele fender guitar, Leo Fender working hard with several employees to tune the guitar fender. Finally, after receiving input from many guitar players are skilled at the time, Bill Carson, the Fender issued a new product in the form of a refinement of previous models (fender tele) into a guitar that became known as the Fender Strat or "Stratocaster". Fender Stratocaster was launched in 1954. Leo with a highly intelligent, retaining model "telecaster" who already have their own fans, and then also markets its new variant "Fender Stratocaster", a guitar that is a product of "redesigning" telecaster.

Strategies capture the market of guitar fans, begins with these two types of fender guitars. Previously, he also had to create and introduce other products that Fender Bass Guitar. Quite a lot of musicians who enjoyed and even fanatical with this Fender Bass Guitar, up to Leo introducing new innovations in the form of Jazz Bass guitar, which immediately captured the market as "the best selling bass guitar" in 1960.

Leo Fender is the key to success lies in innovation and creativity that "there kagak matinye!" He is known as a producer of "new and innovative instruments", which is always to "create and amplify the music" and also to "Shape the Way We Hear Music". Short said Leo implement tips that always "never stops create the new!"

The next product that also then get their own fans is called "Fender Jaguar", which as the name implies this guitar look more fierce with more key regulator of the sound that became his trademark. Jaguar, it can be said only a few fans compared to previous models of both tele and Start. The most widely circulated throughout the world, most fans are of type Stratocaster. Is unique, Leo Fender was able mengkotak-boxed the guitar player in the universe is becoming a guitar player who likes the "telecaster", "Stratocaster" and "jaguar" all of which is a big family "fender".

Fender guitar maker has ousted the popularity of its predecessor "Orville Gibson", born in 1856 in Chateaugay, New York who started by producing Mandolin in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Gibson guitars have been circulating in the U.S. market since 1902 is more popular with the product "acoustic guitar" her. However, up to this time, rabid fans of the two famous brands remains relatively evenly spread in the world. No or less known to anyone in between who is superior, because each has advantages and disadvantages in their product.

Especially for Leo Fender Clarence Leonidas Fender's full name, on February 7, 2009, has just received the "Technical Grammy Award" as a person and or company that contributed to the special technical field of music recordings. The award was received directly by the heirs of Leo Fender of Fender's wife named Phyllis in a prestigious ceremony in Los Angeles, USA.

That is, mild story about fenders, a success story of a man of high spirit, endless creativity and extraordinary love of the music world. World that many people liked, but here, the musicians is still under-appreciated in accordance with the creativity he had. Cassette, CD and VCD and DVD piracy is still just for the chance to head off the emergence of the music maestro in Indonesia.

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