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Finding Chord In A Song by Online Musicals Store™

If we listen to a song, sometimes we want to play that song with our guitars. But when nyari chordnya could even make your own headache. Many tones mixed into our minds, the sound of drums, keyboards, bass etc.. Hmmm .. sometimes we choose to make practical lagu2 buy books, or packing software that is automatically created nyari cord ... trus live cheating, digenjreng deh ...: D

Quote nyari not easy chord to a song with cuman listened to the song wrote., Even a musician would not directly dapet terkenalpun details chord with ease, because a song is a work of art creations that have a composition nada2 masing2 quality level. The higher level of quality in the increasingly hard to find nada2nya.
Well, this time I wanted to share some simple tips for nyari chord in a song.

There are some important things to note:
1. Must be able to play the guitar.
2. Getting to know a few chords.
3. Can tune your own guitar. This is important. Because by being able to tune the guitar properly, then we have a sensitivity to tone, call tone feeling. : D

Okay .. Next we go to STEP 2 in the search for song lyrics:
1. Stem guitar in standard position.
2. Baik2 Listen to the song, if need be repeated until understood and could distinguish the sound of the guitar with other instruments on the song.
3. Observe and distinguish from the beginning intro, lyrics, chorus, interlude, outtro, etc..
4. Start with the easiest .. search for the fundamental tone of the tone of the first or last on the track. The trick: as soon as the song into the verse 1, ingat2 ​​tone (can while humming), trus cari2 notnya until the tone is basically met.
5. Common chord,
For example:
- Tone or do basic C = C
Distance formula: CDEFGAB-C '= 1 - 1 - 1 / 2 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 / 2
For the chord: D->> Dm, E->> Em, A->> Am, and C'->> Cdim ... and so on based on the formula.
C Dm Em F G7 Am ... .. sometimes there are D7 or E7

- Tone or do basic D = D
Distance formula: DEF #-GABC #-D = 1 - 1 - 1 / 2 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 / 2
For the chord: E->> Em, F # ->> F # m, B->> Bm

Find the chord-chord around it, do it with patience and painstaking. It's basically just wrote. To learn music theory you need tutoring / courses or at least not first sit under an already seasoned / expert.

6. Start with a slow tempo, then the new pelan2 accelerated. Could use a metronome for dapetin tempo chill.
7. Remember, the concentration and pake feeling ... you should be able to explore bener2 song from the heart. Do not force the rich to make the exact same original musicians. important tone and feelnya dapet. To achieve perfection has much to learn and experience.

Main guitar is a tone in music creation, which has the value of art, life evolved in the tastes and ideals, which also takes the soul and feeling for the play ... not just pluck it.

Good luck ...

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