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Bass Guitar Playing Techniques by Online Musicals Store™

Bass Guitar Playing Techniques by  Online Musicals Store™Basically there is one bass instrument that determines the tempo in playing music, keeping the guitar and vocals remain constant at a predetermined date.

To be able to play the bass guitar should we learn first, do not immediately learn the bass. Because my teacher said, usually people who can play bass guitar can definitely play, but someone who can play the bass may not be able to play the guitar. : D

Like the guitar, the bass is a stringed musical instrument that uses strings as the sound source ato. It's just bass using 4 (the top string on the guitar if any), ie the lowest E string, A string, strings D and G strings of the most high. Arrangement of strings on the bass (4senar) also starts from the string 6 = E, 5 = A, 4 = D, and 3 = G. So also in writing in tablature, bass only using 4 lines representing the strings are.

Although there are acoustic bass, but that is often didipakai is requiring electric bass amps to amplify his voice.

The role of Bass On Video:
- Bass and guiding role as a determinant of chord is being played in every movement of the song.
- Bass also serves as musical accompaniment, which is shared with the role of drummer. Bass can also be connected between the guide (guitar and piano) with accompaniment (drums) so it can become a harmonious unity.

We use the chord as accompaniment to a song. Chord is a collection of at least three tones sounded simultaneously adjacent ato. Well, the main sound that can be recognized from the third tone is called the root note, and the two are complementary chord tones that can generate its own nuances. For example chord C minor (Cm), means its root note is C and the next second tone is that determines the C chord into a minor chord types.

There are several kinds of techniques in playing the bass:

1. Alternate Picking
This technique is most often used by the bassist, because alternate picking is actually the basic techniques in playing bass. The trick: picking the bass by using two fingers alternately, generally does pake the index finger and middle finger.

2. Down Thumb Up
In this technique we use our thumb as a pick, while four others jari2 we use for picking, playing guitar is like a kayak ... So if we usually use the index and middle fingers for picking the bass (alternate picking) then we replace in this technique with the thumb .

3. Slapping
Slapping techniques on bass. So play the bass by slamming bass with the thumb or palm of the hand, and the resulting sound to be like percussion so. The bassistnya om Flea Red Hot Chili Peppers are usually like this technique pake .. : D

4. Popping
Mechanical pull strings with the fingers and then released again to compete with the fret, so his voice was loud like that pitted the two objects. Usually we can gabungin slapping and popping techniques, ntar combination of his voice so unique. There are also popping techniques to draw two strings at once is called double Pluck.

5. Tapping
This technique is commonly used on guitar, but ngebasspun pake this technique. How: press the strings with the fingertips to fret bass and slide the little finger pinch kayak again.

6. Bending Neck
If we know the guitar bending technique that is holding up the strings with his fingertips, but this time we lakukuin it on bass. How: by the time we pick, press the strings are there on the headstock (at the end of the bass that is usually where we are tuning), ntar like a buzzing sound produced. Mr. bassistnya Mr. Billy Sheehan. Big pake often this technique. : D

In playing the above teknik2 we need someone who understands can be made guided him so well. Often practiced and studied the experts will help us refine the game. Because if it is wrong in applying the technique the resulting sound will be different.

Note also the hand position, use the power on the wrist, not on the arm. Remember, sering2lah doing finger exercises for relaxation and fingering in order not occur on a finger injury.

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