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Traveler Guitar Speedster Electric Travel Guitar, Gloss Black

Traveler Guitar Speedster Electric Travel GuitarManufacturer's Description (March 19, 2009)
The Traveler Speedster Electric Guitar sports a modern-retro look and it's designed for performance with a high-output dual-rail humbucker pickup, a unique roller-style bridge, plus volume and tone controls. The Speedster boasts quality chrome hardware, a rosewood fretboard, and 24-3/4-inch scale. Upper armrest detaches for travel. This Traveler electric is great for the rocker on the run. Includes gig bag.

For the rocker on the run.

Removable "teardrop" upper arm support (Candy Apple Red Metallic finish pictured).

Includes deluxe gig bag.

Melodic minor at Machu Picchu... Traveler owners really do take their guitars everywhere. Visit the Photo Lounge at to see more great customer photos.

The Electric Evolution
Click to watch this videoThe Traveler Speedster is the electric evolution our Traveler's Pro-Series model. Known best for its attractive retro design and removable "teardrop" upper arm support, this full 24-inch scale guitar is ideal for the electric player. 2007 marks the transition from the Speedster's original machine-turned-aluminum accents to an updated chrome, giving the guitar a bold new look. The 22-fret Speedster comes packed with a high output dual blade humbucker, a fully adjustable bridge and the look, feel and sound of a full body electric. Smart engineering gives the Speedster its remarkable tone and sustain, which you will have to hear to believe. Whether you are playing lead or rhythm, the Speedster is the ultimate compact traveling companion both on the road and on stage.

Full Scale Travel Guitar
Traveler pride themselves on having never compromised the playing scale of any of their instruments, and this instrument is no exception. Featuring a full 24-inch scale and 22 frets, you'll barely remember you're playing a travel guitar.

The Traveler Guitar Limited Warranty
Traveler Guitar instruments are warranted for three years to be free from defective materials and workmanship from the date of purchase. The guitar must be purchased from an authorized Traveler Guitar dealer. The Traveler Guitar Limited Three-Year Warranty covers all parts and includes 90 days for labor.

Speedster FAQ

Q: Are special strings needed for the Speedster guitar?
A: No. Any guitar string you chose will work. The Speedster comes equipped with D'Addario EXL110 Nickelplated Steel Round Wound Regular Light Electric Strings.

Q: Can the upper arm support be removed?
A: Yes, the upper arm support can be removed for ultimate portability and traveling.

Q: How is the upper arm support attached to the body?
A: The upper arm support is held on by a solid brass thumbscrew and support pin. The thumbscrew makes it easy to attach and detach the upper arm support from the body. There are no tools needed.

Q: Can I put a strap on my guitar?
A: Yes, the Speedster is fully capable of accommodating a strap by means of a strap pin and the upper arm support thumbscrew that doubles as the rear strap pin.

Q: Does the guitar have a truss-rod?
A: Yes, the Speedster has a fully adjustable truss rod, with easy access through the endcap.

Q: Like the Traveler Pro Series, does the Speedster have "Stethophones" or any personal listening device?
A: The Speedster is not equipped with "Stethophones," but there are a number of personal listening options such as the Pandora's Box from Korg, and mini amps from Fender which allow for private, amplified listening.

Q: Can the Speedster plug into any of my amps?
A: Yes, the Speedster has a standard 1/4-inch-output jack, adjacent to the volume and tone control knobs.

Q: Is the body and neck a solid piece of wood?
A: Yes, each Speedster uses a solid piece of Eastern American Hard Maple for the neck and body.

Q: What kind of pick-up is installed in the Speedster?
A: The Speedster is equipped with a dual-rail humbucker.

Q: What can I compare scale length to?
A: The Speedster scale length is the same as the Les Paul: 24-3/4-inch with 22 frets, and a 2 1/8-inch string spacing at the saddle.

Q: Is the Speedsters bridge adjustable?
A: Yes, the Speedster is equipped with a Roll-O-Matic bridge. It is adjustable for intonation and string spacing.

Q: What color options are there for the Speedster?
A: The Speedster comes in two finishes, Glossy Black, Candy Apple Red Metallic and Black Metallic.

Q: What accessories come with the Speedster?
A: The Speedster comes with a heavy duty travel bag, truss rod wrench, owners manual, and warranty card.

Q: What kind of warranty does the Speedster have?
A: The Speedster comes with a three year limited warranty.
Traveler Guitar Speedster Electric Travel Guitar
What's in the Box
Traveler Speedster Electric Travel Guitar (Gloss Black), deluxe gig-bag, truss rod wrench, owner's manual, and warranty card

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